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Monday, April 9, 2012

Local Three, Atlanta, GA (March, 2012)

We had visited Local Three, for the first time back in February of 2011.   We had been back a couple of times since for their (formerly fabulous) Sunday brunch, and had also been back for both lunch and dinner.   One evening, my daughter and I were looking for dinner, as we headed across the top-end, and I called for a reservation.  They offered a 6:45, I countered that I could be there by 6:49, she said "deal" and we moved into the left lane and pulled in on two wheels, with 30 seconds to spare <g>.  We had a great server.  That's one of the best features of Local Three, other than the food.  The staff at this place is top notch (as they are at also-owned Muss & Turners) - well informed and very helpful.  

As we looked through the menu, she told us that she had an appetizer that would "change our lives".   I asked what that could be and was told crispy brussel sprouts.  Brussel sprouts?  Was she serious?  She was.  I hate brussel sprouts.  That may sound harsh, but I distinctly remember the last time that I had eaten brussel sprouts.  I was eight years old.  My mother had made them for dinner.  I wasn't interested.  She told me that I would try them before I left the table.  Ultimately, I did.  Then I threw up all over the table.  

The server said they were really good, so for $5 we gave them a try.  And I didn't throw up.  They weren't awful, but they weren't that good.   Live and learn.
We also had decided to split a salad - spinach, fresh pears, feta cheese and bacon.   It was very good - Local Three was back on track. 

On to the burger.  I had eaten it for lunch one day, late last summer.  They call it the McDougal (two all beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onion),  
served with fries and sambal sauce.   I ordered it again, and it arrived a gooey mess.  This was a truly good burger.  I will likely have it again, but when you have to choose between the McDougal,  their killer chicken pot pie and daily specials, choices can be tough.
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